The magic of Truffle Salt

December 14, 2018

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The Magic of Truffle Salt

Black truffle salt transforms potatoes, eggs, rice, pasta, vegetables, fish, poultry and meats into exotic dishes as well, truly unforgettable culinary experience.

Truffle salt is a great way to add distinctive, earthy or for some “that” smoky flavor to your dishes. Smoky flavor of truffle goes well with many foods and ingredients. In the following article we will talk about usage of truffle salt and some of the best ideas which should help you to enrich your favorite meals.

In our experience, black truffle salt tends to enhance recipes that are fairly plain, though there is no limitation. Once you start using truffle salt in your cooking, you can’t stop! Usually people end up, finding themselves in a situation where sprinkling truffle salt on everything they eat give them a joy and pleasure in discovering next perfect truffle salt combination.

Truffle salt works as well in sweet dishes as it does savory ones. Here are some unbelievable tasty ideas to inspire you!

- Sprinkle over Scrambled Eggs, Boiled Eggs or any omelet dish, as a final touch;

- Truffle salt and French fries or baked potatoes go perfectly together;

- Truffle popcorn is a must-try everyday snack. Sprinkle some truffle salt over popcorn and enjoy;

- Sprinkle some truffle salt over toast or sandwich which contain avocado. Truffle salt and avocado go well together;

- Risotto – Truffle salt adds a subtle richness to creamy risottos;

-- Sprinkle black truffle salt over bruschetta previously drizzled with extra virgin olive oil

- Sprinkle over foie gras or pate;

- Sushi – Use truffle salt instead of soy sauce to add flavor to sushi or other raw fish dishes;

- Pizza – Truffle salt as addition to a slice of pizza;

- Veggies – Truffle salt create an entirely new experience to any veggie dish or salad;

- Truffle salt can easily turn a common dessert into something sultry and exotic, especially deserts which combine honey;

- Sprinkle over any cream-based soup (try cream of artichoke);

- Atop a roasted fish fillet (cod, mackerel…)

-One thing is sure – once you taste truffle salt, you’ll understand why it is not only a special occasion condiment but most desirable everyday meal companion.

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Audreanna Smith
Audreanna Smith

April 04, 2018

I just found out that they have truffle salt and it helps me to make a new recipe again. Thanks for the info.I have a mini restaurant here in my city and I’m looking for a new recipe, but upon browsing the net I read this article and i think it will help me to make a new delicious recipe also and gives me more knowledge for this. Thank you :)

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