Brie de Nangis

Produced just outside of Paris in the Ile de France region, one of the 4 main regions where Brie is produce is the town of Nangis. This Brie was not seen for sometime on the market after being pushed out of favour by another Brie known as Brie de Melun.

Now made by the well respected Rouzaire family who produce a few white mould cheeses, most notably the Brie de Meaux.
This Brie weighing in at 1kg, has been matured for approximately 6 weeks before being inspected by highly regarded Affineurs who determine when it shall be released for the public.

This cheese has a rich pate with a gently tang on the back of the palate coming from the rind, it has an egg custard texture with subtle mushroom notes reminscent of forest floor and some times steamed cauliflower.

Brie loves a good partner and therefore marries well with most things such as a heavily hopped beer, fresh pilsner, crisp white wine or full bodied red.