Foie Gras Whole Lobe - 350g to 450g

Frozen Semi Cooked.

Why this Foie Gras is unique?

- A whole lobe of Foie Gras semi-cooked.

- The lobes are not deveined before being poached. This foie gras holds better and loses much less fat than the other foie gras available in Australia when pan-fried.

- Only very small lobs have been selected (weight in between 350 g and 450g). The smaller the lobes are, the less fat the Foie Gras will lose when pan-fried.

- The Foie Gras are only seasoned with salt (no spices, no alcohols) to keep it meaty and as close as possible to the raw taste. More flavour combination possibilities for the chef to play with.

- The lobes are flash frozen straight after being poached to stop the cooking process and keep the Foie Gras as close as possible to the raw texture.

Our Foie Gras is more versatile with both taste and texture than the usual terrines. You can do almost anything with this Foie Gras: pan-fry, poach, deep-fry, use it as stuffing and season it with anything!
350g / 450g