Move aside bacon wrapped EVERYTHING, its time to try our 'Nduja Spread'

March 06, 2019


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Steph’s Gourmet Foods offers you a fine selection of very unique products online, handcrafted straight from local Australian producers as well as artisan French products.

I have created a  “Une Epicerie Fine” Delicatessen or deli online and bring to you an array of products that you can purchase online and have delivered to your home or office or pick up at various Farmers Markets in Sydney and Newcastle.


Nduja Spread
'This delectable, spice infused spreadable creation is taking it's rightful place at the top.

We know it’s the new year, We know you are all trying to kick start our goals and get fit and healthy. But indulge us and put all of that aside for a moment, and make way for something truly scrumptious and life changing - our best-selling product for 2017 "Nduja spread".

Move aside bacon wrapped EVERYTHING, this delectable, spice infused spreadable creation is taking it's rightful place at the top.

Now first let’s make sure no judgey smirks are received when you are ordering this later today, which we know you will. It is pronounced 'en-DOO-ya', although there are many variations to the name. Honestly as long as you have a passion for gourmet food we couldn’t care less how you say it, we're all about less talking and more eating at Steph's Gourmet Foods!

Nduja has its roots in the South East of Calabria, the name taken from the French word andouille, which means "sausage." This baby is not for the faint of tongue, and is a combination of pork fat, herbs and spices and spicy Calabrian peppers. If you are an adventurous eater we know this will become a staple in your diet, because it goes well on just about anything.

Once you remove it from the fridge and allow it to soften, stir it through your favorite pasta, slather it on crusty bread with some scrumptious ripe cheese or eat it as is. Once you have tried it you will see what a versatile gourmet creation it is, and never be without a stash ready to pair with a rich glass of red after a hard week. Or an easy week. We will see you in store or at the markets to pick up your fix soon!

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