Iberico Cheese - 160g

Iberico cheese is a pressed paste cheese made with a mixture of three milks (cow, sheep and goat). It is the most popular cheese in Spain.

The blend minimums are: cow's milk 50%, goat's milk 30% and sheep's milk 10% In general the cows’ milk provides the flavour and acidity while the goats’ milk provides the slightly tart flavour and the whiter colour and the sheep's milk adds the richness and buttery consistency due to its higher fat content. With that said, the fact is that the higher the content of the sheep’s milk the better the cheese. Iberico's flavour is herbaceous with a very mild goat tang that blends with the buttery sheep's milk to produce a very comforting flavour and aroma. The interior paste has a light yellow to slight beige colour and a mild sheepy aroma.